Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Honey Hearts

1/4 cup White Lake Farm's Raw Honey
1 cup melted coconut oil
1 cup ripe banana
1 cup raspberries
1 Tbsp. vanilla
Mix all ingredients in food processor,
pour mixture into silicone heart molds,
Chill for 30 min and enjoy...


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Honey Laundering

I recently came across this article by Wire. It's a brief summary on some of the dynamics involved in the Bee world.
Through my experiences at the Farmer's Market, I have witnessed a steady movement growing. People want to know where their food comes from. When profitability is involved ethics and consistency can be challenged. With new technologies we can better support those companies where are values a line.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Bake Chocolate Cookies

dry ingredients:
5 cups rolled oats
8 tbsp. raw cocoa powder
3/4 tsp. Redmond Real Salt

wet ingredients:
1 cup White Lake Farm's Raw Honey
1 cup almond butter, room temperature
1 cup extra virgin coconut oil, melted
1 tbsp. vanilla

* use organic ingredients to make these cookies a truly healthy treat ;)

These healthy and energy packed cookies are a wonderful tradition for my mother and I.
Every week on Tuesdays we look forward to spending time together. We usually will have lunch, run some errands, or go shopping. But no matter what we do we always make time for our cookies.


I like to mix the dry ingredients together first, to create an even consistency.
Then add the wet ingredients on top.

Mixing this with your hands is ideal or if you have kids let them do it they'll love it!

These little mini muffin pans work great too!
Also creates an easy way to make each cookie the same size.

My mother and I usually double the recipe. Why not? They keep well in the fridge for weeks and are so great to have on hand when you're hungry or just craving something sweet.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Cayenne & Honey Limeade


This is my healthy all natural energy drink. I make this all the time, not only becauses it taste great it makes me feel great! When I'm feeling a little sluggish or under-the-weather this helps a lot.
I have been drinking this concocktion for a couple of years so I can handle a lot more heat then the average person. This recipe is easy to adjust... if you add to much cayenne just add more honey. If its too limey for you just add more water. Play with the proportions and make the recipe your own.

Cayenne & Honey Limeade
1 cup White Lake Farm's raw honey
1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
3 tsp. cayenne pepper
filtered water slightly warmed

*distribute measured ingredients evenly between your containers. I like to use glass jars. Avoid using plastic because it may leach chemicals into your drink.

First squeeze limes and add honey,

Next slightly warm filtered water, then add to mixture.
*warming the water is not necessary it helps to dissolve honey. Take care not to heat water too much or it will kill all the nourishing enzymes in honey.

Lastly put lids on and shake shake shake.


Enjoy as a refreshing chilled limeade or slightly heated as a soothing tea.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Honey Roasted Carrots & Kale Salad

Honey Roasted Carrots & Kale Salad

3 lbs. small carrots
1 bouquet sliced kale
1 small head garlic minced
1 medium red onion chopped
3 Tb extra virgin coconut oil
3 Tb White Lake Farm's raw honey
1 Tb Temari or Namashu
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste

 Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Begin by chopping carrots, onions and garlic.
Next pour in coconut oil and mix to coat veggies evenly. *If coconut oil is solid place jar into hot water for 10 min.
Spread veggies onto tray and baked for 30 min. *Depending on size of carrots baking may take longer. 

While veggies are baking wash and de-stem kale then place in bowl
After baking add honey and Namashu to hot veggies.
With hands massage the kale and warm veggies together.
Top with freshly cracked black pepper.
mmm I will definitely be making this again.
Healthy, easy and satisfying!
Hope you all enjoy as well.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Butter Making @ Wheeler Farm

 A Beautiful day, wonderful music, yummy food, and of course me me me me me!
I just wanted to turn the whole barn into a giant dance hall, wouldn't that have been fun! I wasn't the only one either, I eyed other venders rockin out as well. While Steve danced and sang Calendar Kitties at our booth I ventured off into other fun activities at the Market like...

the art of making Butter

*1 cup heavy cream
*blend on high for about 15 min.
(While blending you will witness these transitional stages:from liquid, to whipping cream, to really thick whipping cream, then suddenly back to liquid with tiny broken butter chunks.)
*Use spatchla and press butter chunks together on one side of your bowl.
*Knead the butter (folding and pressing) to get out all remaining liquid.
*Rinse butter with cold water until water runs clear.
Butter is now ready to enjoy or store in fridge for a couple weeks.
It was my first time so I was grateful to have experienced farmer Mark guide me through the process:
I am so excited about my newly learned skill! I had always imagined butter to be so difficult to make. I now know that the process of making butter is an Art, and its an art I'm going to start practicing. Yes, it does require a little time but the outcome is Amazing! 

So it was another great day at Wheeler Farm's Winter Market! 
A big thank you to market directors Marty and MaryAnn! They always provide fun activities for me and the children.
Don't miss next Market @ Wheeler Farm
February 2nd, 10am - 2pm

Saturday, January 4, 2014

White Lake Farm's Honey Mustard Dressing

White Lake Farm's
Honey Mustard Dressing

mix together:

1/4 Cup Dijon mustard

1/4 Cup White Lake Farm's raw honey

2 Tb veganaise or mayonnaise

2 Tb sherry vinegar

2 Tb minced shallot

Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
Note* be sure to finely dice shallot for a smooth texture.
This dressing will complement any salad but recently I've discovered how much I love coleslaw! I like to make giant portions to last me all week. Cabbage, carrots, and kale are so hardy they really hold up and will not wilt like other vegetables. So don't be scared make a whole bunch!
Its January and I am still harvesting carrots from my garden! I love being able to harvest as needed. Mother nature has provided the ultimate form of food storage...the ground! The cold and snow has actually made them extra sweet! 
My proportions:
Half of purple and green cabbage
I love kale so I used a whole bouquet (de-stem then just use leaves)
Around 3 cups of shredded carrots... I recommend a food processor.

Seriously, so easy to make!
Keeps in fridge 5 days plus...